1648 Charles I Pontefract Shilling

Pontefract besieged (June 1648 – March 1648/9)  Posthumous shilling, in the name of Charles II, CAROL : II : D : G : MAG : BF : ET :H : REX around, HANC : DE VS : DEDIT in two lines in centre, crown above and date below, Rev. POST : MORTEM : PATRIS : PRO : FILIO, castle gateway, central tower with flag divides PC, OBS to left (S.3151; N.2649; SBrooker 1235, same dies)

Almost Very fine and rare 


Dupree Collection


The Second Civil War – Pontefract Castle

The castle was seized on June 2, 1648 on behalf of the King, Charles I by a colonel a John Morris, who was serving under the commands of Sir Marmaduke Langdale (1st Baron of Langdale – who was a Royalist cavalry officer who commanded the volatile Northern Horse and was one of seven Royalists excluded from pardon for their roles in the wars). The castle was actually seized by a small group dressed as peasants who overcame the local garrison and took control of the most important point to the north. Pontefract resisted all of the attempted attacks by the Parliamentrian forces and it was only in March 1648/9 that Cromwell gained control of Pontefract castle, some two months after the execution of Charles I.

The siege coins were in two groups those issued during the reighn of Charles I and those after his exection and in the name of Charles II his son. 



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